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【30 year rate mortgage 】 "Your Excellency, Governor of Ryukyu Prefecture, on behalf of the Harbor City Government, I welcome you to Harbor City!" Chen Zhiyuan walked up to Toyotomi Maaya and said with a smile on his face. 。

It was only then that Wang Sanpang remembered that when he was woken up by Li Ruichuan, this guy didn't look like he was going to the toilet.

"Yeah." Chu Shaoyan nodded, and then walked towards Fang, where Dr. Zhou was working.

Because it was night, the searchers all carried flashlights.

Upon hearing Chu Shaoyan's order, Starscream quickly played the recording for Chu Shaoyan to listen to. After listening to the recording, Chu Shaoyan couldn't help but frown.

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"Three fat, it's not easy to come out this time, I invite you to eat something."
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As he said that, Chu Shaoyan glanced at Ka Suo and said, "My friend is Mr. Ka Suo, the leader of the Snow Wolf Mercenary Corps. Today he came to Harbor City to visit me, and his other purpose is to participate in our Triple Legend Chairman Ye's funeral, do you think I should pick him up at the airport?"
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Chen Guoxun stepped onto the podium.
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"How are you preparing to confront foreign military students?"
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"Ye Jinlong, don't use the so-called spirit of Ah Q to comfort yourself, it's useless! You lose now, you lose everything! You even have to pay a special price for your stupid behavior!" Chu Shaoyan looked at Ye Jinlong and said calmly.
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This person is Li Ruichuan who escaped from the camp of the recruit company.
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At the beginning, I was really flustered for a while, but soon stabilized, and I had a great time fighting back and forth with the Special Operations Brigade.
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Before taking two steps, the team became chaotic.
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