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Ling Jieyu continued to frown slightly.

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The demon god Bo Xun is dead, and even the coffin has been lifted safely for him, so how can a mere senior disciple count as a ball?

"It's okay, it's nothing. As the saying goes, where there is a will, there is a way. If there is a chance, I will try a few more times... I just felt like I was about to succeed!"

Both An Ran and Ling Jieyu couldn't help showing horror on their faces.

However, the faint floating aura on the other party's body was stronger than Wan Chongshan, the lord of Jiangdu City... by more than a notch.

The odds among them... I'm afraid it's not much worse than the blue sky and the white sun.

stone tablet on Feixiantai suddenly cracked open.

"No... I've never seen this starry sky before!"

If you can't steal it once, then steal it twice.

After half an hour, he suddenly felt something was wrong, so he concentrated his consciousness again and touched the system panel.

"I've seen him." .

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Dumbfounded, An Ran often let out a sigh of relief, and An Ran's eyes were a little dignified: "Everything is normal, at least with the eyesight of the two of us, we really can't see anything abnormal, but everything is normal... the biggest abnormality!" .

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