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Chu Shaoyan smiled brightly, and gently twisted her milk-white face affectionately: "With you, an extraordinary woman, by my side, can I still be ordinary?" ... what is the best place to apply for a student loan

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About half an hour later, Chu Shaoyan parked the car outside the fence of the community, then got out of the car and looked at a place where no camera was installed, took a few steps to run up, and directly jumped over the 3-meter-high fence and landed in the courtyard with a whoosh. .

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"Chu Shaoyan!" Jinghua yelled in her heart, looked at the card on the seat of the police car, and kicked this guy's vitals fiercely.

Zhang Ping pondered for a moment, then dialed a phone number: "Secretary Tong, hello, I'm Zhang Ping. I have something to report to you... Well, that's it. The conclusion of the police is very strange. As a family member of the victim, We absolutely cannot accept it. I understand, thank you Uncle Tong!"

Dugu Linfeng said disapprovingly: "Takeuchi Haoer-kun, I know that guy Chu Shaoyan is good at martial arts, he can be regarded as a master. But we have hundreds of people, and we have vehicles, weapons, and even rocket launchers. Could it be that we can't deal with him?"

But as soon as she met Tan Yahui, she lost her appetite. That guy's lecherous eyes almost made her fly over and kick him against the south wall!

"You mean, Li Zhisen has..."

"Damn it, how dare you bite through my stinky sock!" One of the big bosses shook the stinky sock in his hand and cursed.


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"If this is your sincerity, then I am willing to give mine..." Guan Nuoxue suddenly thought so when she fell, and her pink arms forcefully wrapped around the rock man's neck. .

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