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【how to see your amazon credit balance 】 Human flesh has become the top priority of meat. 。

For example, Burnet, this thing, the Wu Ke of the Mohong family doesn't understand.

The old turtle raised his head and saw Dayi.

As the saying goes, spring sacrifices to the sun, autumn sacrifices to the moon, and when the Chifang family comes, it is a big sacrifice in spring. Sacrifice, in the area under the jurisdiction of Xunshan, each tribe sacrifices itself to celebrate this year's harvest, and then summarize the work for the coming year.

Originally, Yan Yu and the old patriarch were in charge of raising chickens, but the two of them ran out to find the salt soil and have not come back. The mountains and fields are huge, and Yan Zai seemed a little worried.

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The Gu sculptures with antlers and deer body were all stunned, but when they reacted after being stunned, all four limbs trembled, and there was no animal look in horror!
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Suddenly the sound of footsteps and coughing appeared, and Yu Fou was taken aback for a moment. Dayi walked here from the plowed chicken at some point!
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Yu Zai decided to use ditches to draw water into the salt pan, and the special salt bought from the adults can stimulate the fresh water and soil, and slowly transform it into salt water. In this way, it is tantamount to artificially creating a salt lake.
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The second old man was caught in the gaze of Wanmu insects and the light of the sun and the moon.
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Mo Hong's handover was quick, Chifang didn't wait too long, and Yu Zai was very surprised, because Mo Hong actually sent a pregnant cow?
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Danzhu's chest rose and fell, he looked at Uncle Xi, and seeing Uncle Xi looking at himself, he was very dissatisfied: "I..."
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Shan Dushen was sitting on the side, and he didn't dare to make any mistakes. He was a little confused at first when he heard that Di Youshi was going to be taken to undergo labor reform, but when he heard that it was for road construction, he understood.
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Of course Yu Fou was puzzled.
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