what is leveraging credit
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【what type of credit do you need to buy a house 】 Seeing the surprised eyes of those people, Ye Ruoxi felt as sweet as eating honey. Just now she deliberately referred to Ye Tianhe as her father in front of Chu Shaoyan's words. This small slip of the tongue did not cause Ye Tianhe and Chu Shaoyan's objection, which made her very happy. 。

"This dress was designed by my uncle. He is a Parisian fashion master. I described your figure and style to him, and it took him three days to design this masterpiece. If you wear it, you will surely captivate many men Hee hee, Miss Shangguan, to be honest, I have never seen such a charming Chinese woman like you before!"

"Really?" Chu Shaoyan was taken aback. Wasn't one of Huading Group's previous partners in Paris the Finoda Company? Never thought that the two have such a relationship!

The height from the top was more than seven meters, and the speed of the plane at this time exceeded 200 kilometers per hour. If an ordinary person falls under such conditions, they will definitely be smashed to pieces. But for Chu Shaoyan, who has been fighting for his life on cliffs since he was eight years old, this is not a particularly big challenge. I saw him raise his arms, aimed at a huge antenna, and flew out a pre-prepared rope from his hand, flung it out with a whir, and wound it precisely.

"After this rule came out, some thousand hands were scared away, but some thousand hands didn't believe that the casino would do this. It wasn't until that time, when the casino circulated a photo of a thousand hands feeding a crocodile, that those thousand hands were not afraid Since then, there have been very few Qianshou coming to the casino..." Zhou Yunfei explained the so-called rules in one breath.

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This time, however, his angry snarl didn't help because he was the first to stop. His leading action virtually extinguished the last momentum of the remaining big men.
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"Did you see President Ye?" Chu Shaoyan didn't answer Wen Sen's words, but asked about Ye Tianhe's news.
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Chu Shaoyan smiled casually and said: "President Ye, in fact, I will help you not because of the condition you promised just now, but because of the friendship between me and Mr. Ye, and after contacting me, I think your daughter is still good." It's cute. So, this is not a cooperation between us."
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"You really know Ye Tianhe?" At this moment, Guan Nuoxue no longer looked carefree, but instead looked like a careful girl.
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"Yeah." Emily's cheeks were red and she was a little shy, "I didn't keep it on purpose, I just didn't like being with those men until I met you."
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After Chu Shaoyan drank several cups of cold drinks one after another, his body not only failed to dissipate the heat, but swelled up as if it was going to explode, and the evil fire in his lower body rose even more rapidly, which made him instinctive towards the five girls' white jade body desire.
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Then Chu Shaoyan led all the members of the inner circle of the Sanlian Association to hold another memorial ceremony for the dead brother! Perhaps it was because of the killing of the Guam Gang, or the fact that Chen Wei, a traitor, appeared in the gang. The memorial ceremony this time is much more grand than the last one! In the middle of the sacrificial ceremony, Chen Wei, the traitor of the Sanlian Society, was stabbed by members of the Sanlian Society, and finally bled to death!
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Although everyone knew that Ye Tianhe's last sentence was superfluous, no one dared to speak out. In this extraordinary period, unless a guy's brain is squeezed by the door, he will stand up and be cannon fodder. Anyone who is smarter will choose to remain silent.
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