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"Is there any action from your Criminal Police Headquarters tonight?" .

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Sure enough, the iron gate was pried open to create a big hole for people to enter. Of course, it must be drilled in, and it must be the kind where the chest and back rub against the steel pipe. ...

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The small lake in the manor is not big, with a water surface of only ten acres. The water quality is excellent, and the visibility is very high. Moreover, the sun is shining today, shining in the clear water, and you can see dozens of meters away at a glance. Needless to say, a man who weighed more than a hundred catties didn't even see a big fish weighing more than ten catties!

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As for Mr. Xu, who was unique in the field, although his face changed slightly, he remained silent all the time, and even the rhythm of the clattering sound of the steel ball in his hand did not change much.

Chu Shaoyan turned his head and smiled brightly, and then drove the speedboat away, while several older girls leaned on the bulkhead silently, already infatuated.

"It's him?" The policewoman let out a low cry, and then she suddenly realized that her pink cheeks were flushed with anger, and she was so gorgeous, but none of those gangsters dared to stare at him at this moment.

Fatty An laughed awkwardly: "Wow! Boss, are you poaching my uncle's corner? If our cousin Nuo Xue finds out, will she rush over and poke your nose?" It's called 'eating inside and outside'?"


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