writing a business plan for a small business loan
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【small banks default loan statistics 】 Continue to kill Gu beasts, the day lily is cold. 。

Each light path is very clear and has a suction force on Su Ran. As long as Su Ran moves a little away from a certain light path, he will be sucked into it.

How many Gu are there!

To put it simply, the Bazi Qi Mask is a form of expression of the top-level ninth-grade Gu art, and it is now forcibly displayed by the nine Gu worms.

Only when Su Ran was sure that the bone qin could not be used in his hands would he hand in the bone qin.

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In an instant, the Illusory Immortal Gu disappeared.
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Only two mythical Gu chrysalis were obtained, and more than a dozen people died, all of whom were elite disciples of the family...
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If you can use it, use it yourself, if you can't use it yourself, replace it with other Mythical Gu.
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What you can see at the beginning is the endless prairie.
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Old Xi looked at Su Ran with a smile, carefully paying attention to Su Ran's facial expression.
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If a Legendary Gu has only one attribute that can be used greatly, then the value of the Rare Gu is not much higher.
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Seeing Su Ran arrive, Mr. Kong began to say slowly:
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"Ah, my eyes!"
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