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These people grew their mouths and opened their eyes wide, it was hard to believe the scene in front of them! ...

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"Start counting from now! Half an hour later, before Xia Gan arrives, kill the thirty disciples of Xuantian Zhengzong until they are all killed!"

"Nothing but! I've made up my mind!"

"Damn it, give it to me!" Although everyone was very excited by the boss's propaganda and threats, none of them dared to get close to the iron gate.

Fang Lingyu could only watch Xia Gan leave and did not dare to pursue him at all. He knew Xia Gan's strength very well, and he was already able to contend against him by himself. There was a first-rank war puppet beside him who was no less powerful than him. At this moment, chasing after him is just looking for abuse.

"Hahaha! Xia Gan! My star armor is invincible in defense! Even if you are faster than me! What's the use of hitting my body continuously?"

"Unbelievable! Could it be that Xia Gan killed him? But he is only at the fourth level of Tiangang Realm? How could it be possible?"

"Why don't you dare? Guiyuan Daozong and Xuantian Zhengzong are incompatible. In the past few times, Xuantian Zhengzong's disciples were not massacred by Guiyuan Daozong's disciples, but it was not as exaggerated as this time. It's all clean!"


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"Hahaha! Even now, you are still a dead duck!" Zhou Changfeng sneered, "Luo Nian, you know very well in your heart that when your Xuantian sect's disciple camp appears, I'm afraid there won't be many left." People, especially the geniuses among your freshmen, have definitely died tragically on the battlefield of Longmen, do you believe it or not?" .

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