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"Of course it's our fault. Who made us like someone who we know is impossible?" The policewoman smiled shyly, "I thought about giving up, but I couldn't. Guan Nuoxue, I know you are like this too, right?" ... secured loan over dividend rate

test. myers-briggs strong interest inventory free Chu Shaoyan turned his head and asked Ye Jinlin: "Linlin, what kind of person is Meng Shenyan, the chief economic investigation chief of your bureau?" ….

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"Li Rongrong!" After Chu Shaoyan was startled, he turned his head and saw the mature woman standing behind the door. .

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With the explosive music, the host danced and rapped to the beat. ...

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"Ma Rongzhong, the former general manager of the Xizhijiang base of the pharmaceutical factory." Chu Shaoyan asserted, "According to the evidence I investigated, we can know that this Ma Rongzhong has not been back since he was fired by Baiyutang Pharmaceutical Factory. Just when the poisoning incident happened A few days ago, Ma Rongzhong suddenly came to the Xizhijiang base in the name of visiting friends, and hosted some foremen of the base..."

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Wu Tianhao said indifferently: "From the point of view of force, it may be okay, but the key point is: the Honglian Society's old nest is 'Royal No. 2', and who is guarding 'Royal No. 2', do you know?"

"No...no need to give it away!" Jiang Kaifeng stood up staggeringly, his tongue was so big, this guy drank more than two catties, it was too much, "You little lovers...go, go to the nightlife..."

When enemies meet, they are extremely jealous. Luo Yunxiu immediately sprayed raging anger, and shouted sharply: "Where is my Yinyin, where did you take it!?"

"Ah!?" Chu Shaoyan on the side was still calm and composed, but Bai Feiyan's face was blushing, "No, I... I was thinking about something on my mind. You know, when people are in a trance, people will unconsciously look at a target, He is my target..."

"Besides, the last time Deputy Secretary Hu came down, where did the people in the city put us? I couldn't get close to Lao Ma, and Lao Ma accidentally got closer, and was pushed away by the deputy secretary-general of the Municipal Party Committee Office. Let's go! So what if we stalk them this time?" Hu Zhidong sneered.

Although it was winter at this time, the disco was well heated, and many boys and girls inside were dressed hotly; among them, the girl who was the leader was the most unique and eye-catching.

Having said that, Chu Shaoyan felt the disappointment of the other party in his voice, but he was powerless, anyway, he could not give this promise, because he had long since lost his freedom

After shaking his head with a wry smile, Chu Shaoyan took out his bank card. In fact, he is still not very well-off recently. Almost all the money he won in the casino before was invested in a factory. Recently, Mei Li has been busy in Kunshan and never returned, and he has no time to manage that factory.

Guan Nuoxue was no longer as wild as before, her pretty face was flushed, and the eyes that stared at the rock man were filled with affection: "I believe in you, I'm sorry, I shouldn't be fooling around."

"Why are you short of breath? You know people are kissing you even when you're asleep?" Zidie suddenly smiled, and then lightly tugged at his towering nose. .

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At this time, Liu Danyan couldn't help but said: "Zetian, why do you say that about Chu Shaoyan? He...he...he is a very good man!" .

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