a sole proprietor wants to take out a loan so she can buy a small restaurant and open her own cafe
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【where to get a large personal loan 】 What's going on, he just asked out of curiosity, why did An Ran suddenly get angry? 。

Ye Yuan's eyes were wide open, and he couldn't speak a word.

Even if he had already comprehended many new mysteries from An Ran's finger, comprehended many new mysteries, and integrated them into his own way of swordsmanship.

An Ran pinched the Bone Giant with her backhand and slipped it in front of her eyes: "Last time you hunted me down for your master, didn't you enjoy chasing me? This time it's my turn—"

She is not some kind of ghost king, she is just a little spirit ghost raised by Lingjieyu, pitiful and weak, and quite helpless!

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【You are the Immortal King of Nanming. You saw a group of monsters raging in the human world, causing shocking damage. You deeply felt that the survival of ordinary people was not easy, so you tried your best to help them. 】
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"I don't know how long Senior Brother An has known that...Sister Ling?" The girl in Tsing Yi wrapped her ponytail with one hand in a fretful way.
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She clearly remembered that her obsession was pinned on a bronze mirror, and the people of Shuijiazhuang locked the bronze mirror in that wing room, trying to stop her activities.
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[If I'm not mistaken, these monsters were not conceived naturally, but after the fall of a certain powerful person, the spirituality in his flesh and blood was immortal, and finally turned into the monsters you saw. 】
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"Well, no one has come to trouble me so far. I should have hidden it very well, so I haven't been noticed at all!"
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"Of course, it was really dangerous at that time."
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