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【navient student loan forbearance 】 "President Chu, just now Zhang Kaixuan had a phone call with David Hua. The call lasted for one minute. I have recorded the content of the call. Do you want to listen?" The voice of the mysterious female killer Starscream came out from the phone, in order to To better monitor Zhang Kaixuan and David Hua, Chu Shaoyan not only asked Tang Hu to send someone to monitor, but also asked Starscream to do some tricks: In Zhang Kaixuan's car, Starscream specially installed three monitors. device! 。

"Otherwise what?" Chu Shaoyan's pupils shrank suddenly, and he glanced at that guy with a smile.

Chu Shaoyan thought for a while, and understood Toyotomi Maaya's difficulties in his heart. Presumably at this time, Toyotomi Maaya was also very anxious. After all, the Guam gang is so rampant in a prosperous city like Dongying Ryukyu Prefecture, which has had a great impact on the stability of Dongying Ryukyu Prefecture, and all this is because of the Sanlian Association. What is important is that the Sanlianhui has not driven away the Guam Gang until now, and has not even found the hiding place of the Guam Gang, and even called the Toyotomi family to help investigate the whereabouts of the Guam Gang. Aya is angry!

From a certain point of view, Chu Shaoyan didn't think there was anything wrong with Ye Tianhe's actions. But once he remembered Ye Tianhe's kindness to him some time ago, Chu Shaoyan felt cheated in his heart! In his opinion, Ye Tianhe has always regarded him as a gun, he has always been a pawn in Ye Tianhe's hands, the so-called life is like a chess piece, everyone in the world is a pawn, few people can control their own destiny, but Shaoyan has never wanted to be controlled by others in his destiny!

Listening to the familiar voice in the recording, everyone's expressions gradually changed. Without any hesitation, everyone turned their attention to Chen Wei!

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"It's all right, Mr. Chu." Vincent replied easily, "The bullet only scratched some skin and flesh tissue, and it didn't hurt any bones at all!"
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"Remuneration." Starscream was the same as usual, whenever Ye Jinlong proposed a task, the first thing she asked was the reward for the action.
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Moreover, what Chu Shaoyan learned from Mr. Ye before, with David Hua's character, he would never forget the humiliation by Ye's family. What are these two guys doing here at this time? Chu Shaoyan frowned and stared at the two of them, and only looked away after they had finished offering incense.
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It seems that if Liu Dayong makes another move, they will kill Liu Dayong immediately.
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It has been a week since he left the mainland and came to Baodao. Although Huading Group and its affiliated companies are on the right track, and the previous associations have gradually faded in Jiangcheng, and they are managed by trusted brothers, but now many things have gone beyond their control. It was expected at the beginning, but now the problem is that if he comes to Ye Tianhe to work here, he will be far away from the original intention of coming to Baodao to help his fellow disciples, which is not what Chu Shaoyan wants.
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It's just that the thin man never expected that the moment his arm was lifted, Qian Shan's punch would be opened directly, and the fist went straight to his side face, with no loss of power and power, and it was so powerful? !
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"Go back?" Hearing what Chu Shaoyan said, Ah Bao was somewhat disappointed, took a puff of smoke depressedly and said, "I still want to learn from Brother Chu, but I didn't expect Brother Chu to go back."
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At the same time, Toyotomi Maaya opened and closed her eyes, only to hear her say in a weak voice: "Shaoyan, I'm so tired, I really want to sleep..."
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