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【what is a interest only mortgage 】 The chief intelligence officer of the dynasty—the bald eunuch Varys—stands up from the table, with his usual frightened expression on his face, and his strange voice, which is neither female nor male, sticks to his throat like glutinous rice, making people extremely uncomfortable: "The Prime Minister My lord, when I came to court this morning, I passed by Shadow Alley, and there were two corpses at the entrance of the alley. It seemed that two drunk vagrant mercenaries died together. I swear that from tonight onwards, I will only live in the Red Castle at night. , not going anywhere." 。

According to King Robert's will, Prince Joffrey became Eddard Stark's adopted son.

Ed Stark's original intention was to go to the arena to meet his vassals!

This place belongs to the Riverlands, and the lord is Duke Hoster Tully, father of Catelyn Tully, wife of Ed Stark.

"Quick, outflank." Another woman's voice.

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Nothing was missing from the body, and the head was not broken.
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Theon Greyjoy was also dumbfounded.
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But the Hound looked at them as contemptuously and contemptuously as he looked at the two mummers in the cobbler's square.
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"All aboard, my lord."
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"Hound, did you bring ten golden dragons?" Syrio asked with a smile. Syrio saved the Hound's life, and joked that the Hound's life was worth fifteen gold dragons, and the Hound had already paid for the five gold dragons.
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"Hehe, I don't want to fight them. This time you go, you take my people and your people. My little finger can't kill Will's, his black leather is of good quality. But yours The dwarf size is enough to scare him out of his guts."
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"You two, be responsible for finding out Lord Janos Sterling's financial transactions. Apart from military pay, see if he has other legal or illegal business outside. If not, investigate the source of his huge financial resources."
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"An extremely simple government affairs, I only saw the powerlessness of the prime minister and the helplessness of the important ministers, so I couldn't help laughing. Will Cao, the conscription officer of the Night Watch, is young and ignorant. Please forgive me, my lords." Er said lightly. But there was no apology in his tone.
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