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【how does interest on mortgage work 】 Chu Shaoyan narrowed his eyes, and couldn't help but glance at the little girl. The little girl was still smiling, her smile was bright, but the rock man's heart was slightly awe-inspiring. 。

Hu Dongchen, the head of the criminal investigation team, once cooperated with Ye Jinlin in her work, and was an old acquaintance with her. When he saw her, he was immediately amused: "Boss Ye, why did you come to our small temple?"

Chu Shaoyan was taken aback, but when he looked down, he saw Li Rongrong's black eyes were full of scars and shock, his heart skipped a beat, he hesitated for a moment and couldn't speak.

According to the current market conditions, such a large amount of drugs is definitely an astronomical figure. It is no wonder that the enemy has hired so many mercenaries this time, and is equipped with a large number of firearms for protection!

"No." Chu Shaoyan said helplessly.

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After Chu Shaoyan introduced his actions just now, he put two vouchers including the Huali Group's loan voucher and Nangong Mingdao's will on the table: "These two things are already in our hands. Concentrate the firepower on the so-called Huali Group drug trafficking, and the opponent strives to completely destroy the Huali Group!"
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"Wang...Secretary Wang!?" The fat man with the red whip in his hand and his police uniform unbuttoned exclaimed in surprise.
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The woman took the two men in sunglasses and quickly headed for the elevator under the leadership of Michelle. About five minutes later, the four stopped in front of a luxury suite on the 16th floor.
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"Uh, she's my girlfriend..." Wu Xiaoqiao explained.
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Admittedly, the rock man would definitely look superstar if he put on a pair of sunglasses and this shiny jacket, a look that even Tom Cruise would have to bow down to!
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Huo Luan sat down on the chair, his face pale.
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"Shaoyan, in fact, I know that your heart is far from your face, it is hot. Not only to me, but also to Lingjiao, to Cheng Yu, and even to every kind person. My man, is A kind person, his knife will only be aimed at those villains, those who hurt us.
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Chu Shaoyan was slightly startled, and in a hurry, his waist suddenly fell towards the ground, his whole body was almost touching the ground, and the flying knife in his hand shot out, hitting the rear tire inside the van with a sound of "Du", the car suddenly twisted and crashed into the ground. In the green belt!
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