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【student loan for living expenses with bad credit 】 He nodded and stepped forward to follow. 。

A cultivator with a strong cultivation base muttered with a strange expression: "Why do I seem to see that it fell...a bronze coffin?"

But not long after, I don't know who made a low cry:

However, due to the undecided situation in the area around Wangxiantai, and the celestial artifact would be shaken from time to time, in the end, the location of the statue was moved to Tianmen Town outside Jianzong!

Wang Zhengchu suddenly exploded.

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"First of all, what I practice is the most basic sword sect's mind method, which I don't have in Xiaocheng, but I have a clean face in Dacheng!"
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The systems he encountered before, although there are all kinds of weird problems, can be described as full of tricks, but there is one thing that is worthy of recognition.
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Yan Qingzhu blinked his eyes: "Next, there were rumors from somewhere that the Saintess of the Lotus Moon in Xianliandongtian also had an unclear relationship with senior brother, and she had hugged senior brother many times in public Hug, although I think this is nonsense, but the suitors of the Holy Maiden of the Lotus Moon don't think so."
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"As long as it is within the capacity of this seat, the leader of the Dabi can make any wish."
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"Huh? This is..."
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That is the notorious copper coffin for burial, a peerless monster that even the fairy kings would fear!
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"Could it be that the next competition will be held on that mountain?"
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