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Yu Zai smiled slightly: ... how much do loan sharks make

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"Let's turn the tribe responsible for making the warships into slaves and cut off their big toes. Since they don't want to live a good life and want us to lose the battle, it's useless to keep them." .

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If there are any omissions, such as the characters in the column of Qi Refiners and Hermits, they will be added in subsequent chapters in the future. Basically, there are only a few of them now. ...

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Shi Jing happily told Chonghua about Prince Changqin taking Xiang as his apprentice, and Chonghua was so scared that he almost jumped on the spot.

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It cannot be said to be rebellious, but it can only be said that it is just distrust of Xintiandi. After all, Zhu Rong has experienced Zhuanxu, Diku, and the most turbulent period of Dizhi. Although he has sufficient confidence in Di Fangxun, But seeing that an extremely outstanding junior of his family cannot be recognized by the Central Plains, his heart must be complicated.

Chi Songzi turned his head again, and said to the concubine Zai who had gone away: "Zai, I will show you something good for my teacher!"


But there are always people who can't sleep quietly doing things everywhere.

Shi Jing answered very frankly, she said that everywhere she went, and followed closely: "It's just that when the elephant came, he had a bad temper, and even beat the little chicken at the entrance of our village, and was beaten by Beizheng and the others." pause....."

Chi Songzi thought to himself, of course you have done incredible things, if it weren't for your teacher, I would be a little stronger than you (pinching fingers), you almost messed up the teacher's mustache.

And this kind of lameness is mostly done by people who don't have any great skills. There were not many masters, but everyone thought this line of work was deceptive, so there were more masters...

What, who are you? Come up and teach me how to do things?

Yierzi yelled, "You old bastard, you can't find death, you take advantage of me everywhere, which is tolerable!"

"Floods and droughts follow people, and they don't know famine! There is no famine year, which is called heaven!" .

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As a result, Jiang Ziya said: "The car is broken, which means that we will divide our troops into three groups. The horse was shocked to death. This is because God wants the king to replace the horse. The reason why it rained for three days is because God asked us to rest for three days, and then hurry up." Hurry up." .

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