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【composite doors interest free credit 】 Gradually, the two lips met, and after a hot kiss, Goddess Huading suddenly felt that her body was not normal, she couldn't help being shocked, she pushed away the rock man on her body, jumped up with her hot face covered, and walked towards the president's private bathroom. go! 。

After hearing the news, Lu Lingyou, the head of the new agency, drove over from Dongjiang District, cried loudly in Chu Shaoyan's arms, and burned incense and prayed in front of his father's grave, so that his father could rest in peace.

Apparently the enemy has gone completely mad and used stun bombs and miniature bombs in the cabin!

Chu Shaoyan clearly smelled the intoxicating fragrance of the girl's hair and the breath of orchid musk, and her body suddenly tensed up involuntarily, until the girl put down her heels, and then quietly moved away from him as if relieved of a heavy burden.

"Cheng Ju, I'll report to Team Wang immediately and ask him to come and report to you in person!" Bai Oak said flatteringly.

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Chu Shaoyan looked at her, held the steering wheel silently.
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Finally, when the two left the private hospital, it was already dark. Ye Jinlin and Chu Shaoyan intertwined their fingers, walking on the road, the cool night wind blew her hair up, and it blew on the face of the man in the rock, giving off a sweet fragrance.
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"Tell him to get out!" Su Yimei said coldly, "Zetian, I'm going to live in your villa tonight, and I won't be going home."
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Morris Jin nodded repeatedly, although he didn't say anything, but Chu Shaoyan could see that there was a hint of appreciation in his eyes.
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"Chu Shaoyan, don't quibble! The witnesses you mentioned can't prove that you didn't leave Shangguan Villa that night, let alone that you didn't have time to commit the crime!"
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As soon as this remark came out, all the "celebrities" present were in an uproar and criticized one after another, but Wu Huijun's eyes showed a gleam of appreciation.
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"Can you still wash your face?" Shangguan Zetian jumped inside, took off his gloves and touched the washstand, retracted his small hands, stuck out his tongue and laughed: "It's so cold!"
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Shangguan Lingjiao jumped up when she heard the words: "Ha, you're playing us! Bad brother, we don't sleep, we do things! If you don't arrange for us to do things, then we will follow you!"
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