what is your credit score
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【what is the highest credit limit for mission lane 】 You must know that the most outrageous speculation about An Ran before was already suspecting that he was the reincarnation of the Golden Immortal and Xuan Immortal from the upper realm, and there might be a certain possibility that An Ran is a certain senior sage of the Taixuan Sword Sect! 。

"I'm...back to the Ji Mansion?"

Among the crowd, there were discussions everywhere.

An Ran walks with a sword, walking between immortals.

An Ran smiled, and meanderingly stepped into the Immortal King's Palace.

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An Ran was taken aback.
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However, when Taoist disciples were surveying and mapping in the past few days, they discovered that the avenue between heaven and earth was slightly different from the previous measurement!
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"You can join the Taixuan Sword Sect, which means that your talent for swordsmanship is not bad. Work hard in this direction, and strive for one day in the future, you can use your own strength to protect relatives and friends, and protect everything you want to protect. This is what you need. goal of struggle."
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"Tianxian Peak is also a part of my body. Want to use Wangxiantai's power to hurt me? It's just a daydream!"
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Even if it is damaged now, its power must not be underestimated.
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Fortunately, soon, a hoarse voice sounded and spread to everyone's ears: "Assured by the reputation of the Four Great Sacred Lands, this unprecedented grand event will surely be protected and draw a perfect ending."
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Enron has conceived a perfect profit model almost in an instant.
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Not long after the two left, Taoist Fei Ling got up tremblingly.
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