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【what percent of income to spend on mortgage 】 "Don't make it so easy. Tens of thousands of tribal people live by water. Although they destroy the water control, it is because of the change of the situation. The emperor should summon this person tomorrow, ask carefully about the method of governance and settlement, and do a good job in the aftermath... ..." 。

Qian didn't even have time to shout "strong man" twice, and he bowed before he bowed his head. He felt a pain in his throat, couldn't lift his strength, and broke out in cold sweat, as if he had been frightened by two giant beasts before. General sequelae.

"Agriculture is the foundation of all industries. Food is like the trunk of a big tree. It can produce more branches than you can imagine and see."

E Huang's E, E means a respectful title, referring to the daughter of a nobleman, or a royal family who holds a sword, and using female as a prefix is just an ordinary two-character title, and the meaning is not as great as that of E.

Cuckoo completely understood.

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Next, Yan Zai and Nu Mi began to discuss in depth the meaning of human existence and the spirit of fighting against heaven and earth. The main idea was to let her understand that building dams here, mediating water flow, and controlling water potential are all necessary things. , and it is good for many things, not only for human survival, but also for Luoshui, it can be better regulated...
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First of all, there is a matter of congratulations. Nvying's belly is starting to grow. In a few months, Chonghua's son will be born. Although the regent is very worried about his wife's situation, family affairs are not as important as state affairs. My wife is still the daughter of the previous emperor, so family affairs are even less important than state affairs...
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Everyone said that Nu Mi had changed, she no longer shouted every day to drown them, and Nu Mi was helpless, she could only grind her teeth, but there was nothing she could do, because she had already given up.
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But there is not only no overlord here, but also no powerful animals. It seems that in the deepest part of the mountains, there is something terrible and ominous...
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"In the past, children at the age of five could play in the fields, and at the age of seven they had already waved a hoe and planted seedlings. Now that their lives are better, it is impossible for children to be ignorant of farming when they are young. Those who don't know how to farm Children will not know the hardships of life in the past, land and farming are the basis of all production and life..."
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Artificial breeding is true for the emperor who has not yet married, and it is indeed a bit disrespectful in the eyes of the prince. Although she is a princess, she is not the daughter of the previous generation of Queen Mother of the West. That's all, and the Queen Mother of the West was originally good at animal husbandry, so she didn't think there was anything wrong, but the customs and etiquette of the Central Plains were different from those of the Four Desolations.
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The four mountains were all sent out to guard one side, and the old emperors also united under Di Fangxun's command to fight against the four emperors. In the border areas, the population has disappeared in large numbers, and they either migrated to the Central Plains or were annexed by the four emperors. In the area where the emperor's sphere of influence bordered the Central Plains, several vacuum zones appeared.
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