what is hardship loan
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【what is a thda loan 】 "Should we call him back and let us undo the curse for him?" 。

The female priests and female relatives came. They heard that there was a "god" who could control the wind and rain, which made them very worried, but when they saw the red pine nuts, they were surprised. It turned out that the person who came here was not A god, but a Qi refiner.

"I don't know, no one knows when she died."

But in the final analysis, the six-headed dragon did cause some damage to the two old teachers. Blood loss is bound to be blood loss, but not much. The abdomen of Chisongzi is already bloody, but the old man still looks He looked radiant, as if the rotten flesh on his stomach was not his.

Concubine Zai has already rushed in front of the ugly female corpse!

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Guang Chengzi didn't know whether to laugh or cry: "What are you thinking, the situation of Ah Zai just now is because..."
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"This is the law of heaven and earth, and it is also one of the laws of heaven. Ice ages and snowmelt periods will come alternately. At first glance, you have no culture! And in that era, even the concept of totem was not born. Will there really be gods?"
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Of course, if flames are used on water, there is a high probability that people will not be burned to death without grease, but even so, burns are feasible, and a large number of people dived from boats and lost their ability to move.
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"I did it, I did it, look for it, grandpa will change his name and surname, Chifang's family will do it!"
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There is not too much abuse, everyone has different ideas, everyone came together because of freedom and oppression, now everyone has different ideas, different ways and no conspiracy, so we have to part ways.
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A group of people with disheveled hair and poor stone tools from the Paleolithic Age began to face a group of people with excellent stone tools from the Neolithic Age, even bronze tools.
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One person in a family can do the work of a hundred people and provide food and drink for ten people, but you need a hundred times more manpower here. This is the gap!
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This is a testimonial. Cut off the head of your former companion. This is the real break with the past. Otherwise, if you are afraid of death one day and run back to lick other people's heels, you will harm yourself and kill your companion. Then you are also fugitive slaves, and those slave owners will not let you go, nor will they let your family members go.
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