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It turned out to be a fog worm! .

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Yuan Batian added: "Ever since I heard that you robbed the brothers of the Yuan bandits, I have taken a high opinion of you. Even if you can't be the fourth master today, it's not bad to be a great Yuan guard. With your purple-blooded aptitude, you will be a great leader in the future." It is not a problem for the Yuan bandits to be a leader at all, and there is no need to rush for a while."

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It is extremely difficult to advance from the first rank to the second rank, even using spirit Gu.

After only searching for a while, Su Ran found that there were many third-grade Gu worms in the treasure house, but there were not many third-grade Gu worms with internal organs, six internal organs and nine orifices.

After three breaths.

"That's fine, I'll join the Yuan Bandits." Su Ran made a formal promise.

However, it was already dark, and if these people wanted to enter the city, they had to open the city gate tomorrow morning.

"No two, wait."

"Hey, are you okay?"

Today's appointment was originally just for Su Ran to prove that he has the hard power of the second-rank Gu master, and it can be done as soon as possible, winning or losing is of secondary importance.

There are secret stones in the Gu box, which can survive for a long time for the Gu insects in the box.

The power of the punch under the rage is roughly calculated, and the additional blessing is five and a half times. .

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Long Hengwu's knife and shadow mask are both Gu tools. .

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