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【how long can you take a car loan out for 】 The reason why Chu Shaoyan did this was because he suspected that those Guam gangs were not on land at all! Dongying is a country made up of many islands. If those Guam gangs are not on land, their hiding place should be in the sea or on the islands, and there is only water from this city to those islands. If they hide on those islands, they must be Go by boat! 。

A minute later, Gu Bing hung up the phone and said: "President Chu, the developer Party A called. They said that if the engineering inspection report does not meet the requirements or violate the deadline, our construction party will bear all responsibilities in the future!"

"Mr. Zhengye, I...I..." Chu Shaoyan tried to explain something, but he didn't know what to say.

This silly girl! Chu Shaoyan thought to himself, but there was a faint smile on his face, obviously it was good news for him that Ye Ruoxi was back to normal at this time.

Chen Hua quickly adjusted his emotions and said seriously: "That's because you betrayed Chairman Ye first!"

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"How do you know?" Guan Nuoxue looked at Chu Shaoyan as if looking at an alien. Because the scale of this deep blue seafood city is not large, it is only famous because of its good craftsmanship. Generally outsiders don't know about that place, and only those who often stay in the local area know about it. Guan Nuoxue knew about that place only after visiting the Ryukyu Mansion many times before.
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After about a few minutes, the girl suddenly recovered from the memory, with tears hanging from the corners of her eyes, and her expression was very excited!
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Afterwards, Zhang Haohai rushed out of the villa with his men, and since Chu Shaoyan's body almost blocked Ye Ruoxi's body, Zhang Haohai's men shot as soon as they went out. The bullets swept across Chu Shaoyan's body like raindrops, and hit the tree with a crackling sound!
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"Yesterday you were attacked by a killer. I found out that Ye Jinlong did it. At that time, I was chilled. Ruoxi likes you. I know that my adopted son Ye Jinlong also knows. But Jinlong sent someone to assassinate you. Although I I don't know the extent of Ruoxi's feelings for you, but I believe that if Jinlong really sent someone to kill you, Ruoxi and Jinlong would have a falling out. At that time, Jinlong said not to protect Ruoxi, I am afraid that Ruoxi It’s not certain to start.”
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The elder brother Ye Ruoxi said was Ye Tianhe's adopted son. Before that, Chu Shaoyan didn't know that Ye Tianhe had another adopted son. Hearing what the two said at this time, he seemed a little curious, but he didn't open his mouth to ask.
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After Ye Ruoxi washed her face, she saw Chu Shaoyan's strange behavior and said, "Brother Shaoyan, what are you doing?"
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When Chu Shaoyan and Xu Dahui arrived at the base camp, it was already 12:40 noon. When the two of them walked into the main building, a dozen other key members had already arrived.
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Regarding this point, Chu Shaoyan understood it when he was in the conference room. He knew that Ye Tianhe was a person of credibility. Now Ye Tianhe had to find a way to let him accumulate more credits to eliminate the dissatisfaction of everyone. At that time, only the credits would be enough. , When the time comes, the superior will not arouse dissatisfaction from others.
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