i want a personal loan but i'm a small business owner
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【what do i need to get a small loan 】 The woman said proudly: "Yes, so what? We operate legally, so we are afraid of you? Ye Jinlin, I know you have a backer, but with your father and Jiang Zhengfeng, I don't have to be so afraid!" 。

Chu Shaoyan smiled wryly: "It's hard to give up the achievements of more than ten years of hard work? At your age, you have already reached the deputy bureau level, and your future prospects are limitless."

Chu Shaoyan almost fainted, this woman was two years older than him, but she spoke like a girl. It seems that a woman in love is really childish and frighteningly childish! Suddenly the woman's complexion changed drastically, and she passed out immediately.

The one who humiliated him was Zhu Qixia, the daughter of Zhu Bangjie, the executive deputy of the Provincial Party Committee, who just came back from studying in the United States with a Ph.D.

It doesn't matter to the rock man, it's just that Li Rongrong suffers. Li Rongrong's body is very sensitive, which makes her very uncomfortable, not to mention she even secretly hates what this guy did under such circumstances!

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Shangguan Zetian had no choice but to accept it, and he and Chu Shaoyan both bowed to express their thanks.
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Chu Shaoyan stared at that place and nodded thoughtfully: "Are there any relatively weak places in the other parts of the upstairs? Can it withstand bomb attacks?"
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"I always feel that something is wrong!" Chu Shaoyan whispered.
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Even if the district committee dares to report it, I'm afraid that the city committee will immediately scold him and wait there!
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Chu Shaoyan frowned, a sharp look flashed in his eyes, and he said lightly, "What do you think?"
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"Are you threatening your father?" Luo Mingdong said coldly.
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"Uh, did I say that?" Chu Shaoyan denied it with a smile, "You heard me wrong, I mean the ace... well, that ace detective!"
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Xu Yuanpei snorted coldly, sat sideways, and didn't even look in Zhao Zhaoping's direction; Zhao Zhaoping was even more angrily, a vein on his temple kept popping up.
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