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An Ran put away the Jade Talisman of Communication, with a smile on her face. .

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An Ran thumped the palm of her hand, and said solemnly: "So, I am flying in royal shoes now."

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Especially in the mouth of the pavilion master Lu Zhenjun, Lu Chengde, the founder of the Yuanshen Pavilion, who can't see the head but can't see the tail, although many words are ridiculous, but when he laughed, Infineon gave birth to a little shock. A sense of enlightenment!

In the center of the crowd watching, a field with a radius of hundreds of meters was suddenly opened.

In a trance, Wang Zhengchu seemed to hear a female voice screaming.

"But now I'm a scythe..."

But when he looked again, the figure had disappeared.

There was another muffled sound, and Tao Yao felt his chest was hit hard three times.

An Ran stared at it with a half-smile.

A simple sentence can make people's mind sway endlessly, and endless hallucinations appear before their eyes.

Yan Qingzhu blinked, and immediately burst into joy.

"Where did the wild fairy come from, dare to act presumptuously in front of me?!" The black-robed fairy shouted angrily. .

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A little old man from Penglai Xiandao grinned loudly: "Then what are you waiting for, just send us there immediately, saving people is the most important thing!" .

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