how can i get out of my student loan debt
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【what if i paid 100 more on my student loan 】 "Boss, that, I talked to my cousin a few days ago, and he encouraged me..." 。

Chu Shaoyan drove the four of them, Lu Lingyou, Shangguan Lingjiao, Xu Qi, and Mi Qiao, towards Tanlu Detective Agency. The happiest person on the road was Lu Lingyou, and the happiest was Shangguan Lingjiao.

Everyone couldn't help being amused. Nangong Chengyu, who has been busy in Hangzhou these days and just came back today, said with a smile, "Sister Xue, it's impossible for you to be a master in this life, but it's just around the corner to become Mrs. Guan!"

Afterwards, in subsequent biddings, Huading Group really implemented Chu Shaoyan's previous strategy.

"Then I'll go in and look for him myself!" Chu Shaoyan stretched out his hand and waved it quickly in front of his eyes.

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"Crack! Crack! Crack!" With three crisp sounds, the barbed steel whip in Hei Niu's hand slapped the three of them fiercely, and even the leather jacket, woolen coat, and suit were cracked, and the pieces flew, " Your uncle, Master Chu is also named after you three pigs? You bastards are not worthy of licking the feet of Master Chu!"
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Finally, Luo Siyuan finished reading, closed the notebook, closed his eyes, without saying a word, just sat back slightly, and tapped one finger on the table very rhythmically.
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Chu Shaoyan nodded to her, and then quickly walked towards the Ye family's convoy.
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"Brother, what are you thinking?"
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"Very good, since the master wants to perform the ancient martial arts, please!"
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At this time, Hua Zidie stared at him blankly, seeing the changes on his face one by one. Suddenly, she pressed her body against his chest, and whispered in his ear: "Chu Shaoyan, if you want, both of us, mother and daughter, will marry you, okay? Anyway, if we go to a foreign country to register for marriage, who will care?" Huh? Besides, my mother is only in her thirties, and now she looks only in her twenties, and she wears a veil all the year round. Who knows that we will be mother and daughter when I take off the veil? Hehe, when the time comes, my mother and I will be both Your bride can be together forever!"
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The arrest of Guan Shaoyong, the top leader of Xindong, was like stabbing a huge hornet's nest, and Jiangcheng's political circle immediately exploded. I don't know how many intercession calls were made, and many intercession calls were received from the Public Security Bureau, the Procuratorate, the Discipline Inspection Commission, and even the city government, courts, and various departments of Changning District.
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Chu Shaoyan sneered and said, "It's so tightly linked together! The Lin family pushed all the crimes of killing Luo Mingdong and the bombing to those gangsters. I think the implication is not simple."
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