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【online loan pinas 】 He originally thought that it would be a long time before he could meet An Ran again. 。

A planet that doesn't even have immortals can assimilate immortals and become a part of itself!

Picking up An Ran happened to be at that time.

That is to say, he met An Ran later, and under the persecution of the system, he exhausted all his talents and finally completed the Immortal Soul Technique and passed it on to An Ran...

One cut, one sweep, one smash!

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It stands to reason that even the Heavenly Tribulation of the First Immortal could never threaten the Immortal King.
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However, this time the fusion of the two universes has once again bred strands of primordial energy. Although the number is not as large as the real creation, it is still no small matter. For many acquired beings, it can be called a peerless opportunity!
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"It doesn't seem very similar."
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But who has seen the bronze coffin for burial in this era?
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"Baidi, even in the age of ancient gods and demons, I am afraid that he is the most powerful saint. Even if I regain my peak power, I am still far behind..."
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Part of the reason why people were caught off guard in the previous sneak attack on the Golden Palace on the Grassland was that they sacrificed a demon from the upper realm, and that demon was not among the twelve statues.
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There are even immortals buried in it!
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He thought for a moment, walked forward, raised his hand and brushed past one of the black shadows.
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