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【how much job history for a mortgage 】 And the wizard of Diyoushi was tied to the cross and looked at the god fiercely. 。

"The emperor is inspecting young talents with great virtues. I think it's good. What do you think?"

In the Yellow Emperor's period, the monopoly of this internal tribe was cut off, that is, the era of "supreme blood, same surname and same respect" is over.

Seeing the flame in Yan Zai's hand, the old man was surprised and said, "Not many wizards know how to use fire."

Some wizards said so, which is true. After all, this is a public land. It is not planted by one tribe, but each family has to send people, plus new tools and the animal power of each tribe, even if a tribe divides two cows. There must be at least fifty cows here...

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"Well, Yangcun will not be defeated for the time being, we will join them...About the agricultural cooperative..."
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Yan Zai smiled and said, "I don't even know how to practice. I didn't expect Sheng and Yang Ji's friend to be a Qi refiner...Oh, so it's you!"
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In short... first observe and observe.
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"If you have something to do, you have to follow the rules. It's a crime to hit people at every turn. It's a crime for Yuren to sell goods, but you can't do it. You will not be allowed to continue selling goods if you do it again next time...Huh? Tu Shan? You fox Come and crush me! Look at this!"
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No, no, I just did it myself!
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"This meat is not made just for a while, you are giving a slave a good meal! You don't know the preciousness of food at all!"
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"In this case, you should stay."
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"This is a curse! What's going on?"
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