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After all, the two fairy kings retreated one after another. ... cu credit union student loans

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Seeing the girl's posture, Gu Ming mustered up his courage again. He grabbed her soft shoulders, mustered all his energy, and said word by word: "Manqing, can you stay? As long as you want Stay here, this is your home!"

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The fact is indeed the case, when a series of complaints popped up in An Ran's heart, the goddess still didn't finish the first word!

The corners of her mouth rose slightly, and she chuckled lightly and said, "It's probably impossible between you and me."

"Just like this... can it work?" Bai Yueyao was a little suspicious when she heard this, "That old woman is so powerful, I don't think it's possible to scare her..."

Who said that calling names when making a move is a meaningless move?


Although the altar of Taishi conceived him, he couldn't move it.

Godmother is his supreme master, the only will of his actions, so what's wrong with bowing down to his master?

Bai Di vaguely understood.

"The batch of fairy fruits I've cultivated are extremely expensive to preserve. If we delay any longer, I'm afraid we will go bankrupt!"

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Then, Xian Dao Anran turned around slowly, and looked at the stunned ancient immortals again. .

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