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what if i pay more on my mortgage each month - how much is a mortgage for a 600k house .After an unknown amount of time, he suddenly showed a relieved smile: "My lord, you are right. After so many years, I have always ignored the Spirit Controlling Sect. Maybe it's good to go back and have a look now." |.

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Could it be said that this is the legendary... Immortal Dance? ! .

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An Ran thought he was well-informed enough, but at this moment, his mind was still under severe shock, and his face and eyes changed for a while! ...

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According to the other party's description, those sword sect immortals who disappeared in the ghost domain appeared on the star and seemed not to have been harmed in the slightest.

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Fortunately, An Ran understood and dispersed the Jiuxiao Mozhu Finger in time.

An Ran just opened his mouth to say a word, and saw the golden armored general waved his hand fiercely: "However, it is better to settle the enemy than to end it. I also ask Fellow Daoist Fei Ling to take a sword from me. After the sword is over, we will be considered clean."

He also wants to know more about what happened in the past, so he can't stop now!

For a long time, the practitioners of the Grassland Royal Court were frightening.

In the end, the two sneered, and the Daoguo split at the touch of a finger, and the stalemate did not continue.

What is the transformation of the physical body, what is the evolution of soul light, what is the unity of heaven and man in the sea and sky feast...

Could it be that he misunderstood what An Ran meant?

The next moment, Gu Ming Shaozun's scalp tingled.

An Ran was stunned for a moment, and then realized that this voice probably belonged to the owner of the Golden Palace!

Among the people present, Yu Hongzhi, the oldest, frowned for a long time, and suddenly said in a deep voice: "For many years, the Loulan clan has been unable to subdue that secret, so they can only seal it in the depths of the Golden Palace, and now we have come to force it in." As a last resort, they planned to use their strength to kill people..." .

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Lingjieyu's soft voice came from beside him, softly entering An Ran's ears. .

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