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【get small business loan to drive for amazon 】 Shadow bobcats generally have bright black fur with white stripes in the middle. They can climb trees. They are slightly smaller than mountain lions and bigger than wolves. They are the absolute kings in the forest. When encountering a pack of wolves, humans can also climb trees to hide, but when encountering a shadow lynx, except for using fire, you basically have a dead end. Even if you escape to the top of the tree, the shadow lynx can follow you, even if you get to the top of the tree, the shadow lynx can leap several feet and pounce on you. 。

But he wasn't worried about himself at all, but the rider next to him seemed a little uneasy.

As long as we get through tonight and dawn, someone will come to change shifts.

Is that the main devil?

"Okay, let's see who gets to the woods first." Sean clamped his legs, and the pony under his crotch rushed out first.

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"Children, the green vision possessed by animals and the green vision possessed by trees are both green visions. Ordinary aliens can only possess animals, while more powerful aliens can also possess trees. Every tree alive All trees are living beings, with sentience and thought, just like human beings.”
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Although Yue Nuer is currently weak, she can achieve a leap in strength with the help of sacrifices.
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