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Few Gu Masters will understand.

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When Tantaiyue explained the battle between Gushan and the Eight Great Families last time, Yin Wusheng took a look at him from a distance on the main tower of the city, and wanted to see him.

Su Ran took the Qiling prescription, carried four bags of Qiling medicine, and left the treasure house.

If you want to kill people and seize treasures, the best way is to kill people in seconds before the opponent has any Gu worms. In this way, you may get the rare Gu worms of the opponent.

Is the fourth-grade Gu Master trapped?

After the two parties to the battle arrive at the scene, they have to wait in a special waiting area.

An intermittent cold sound came from the stone pile.

"Can't the fog worms hurt me?"

Today's appointment was originally just for Su Ran to prove that he has the hard power of the second-rank Gu master, and it can be done as soon as possible, winning or losing is of secondary importance.

After Ouyang Qing's death, the patriarch Ouyang ordered to succeed the patriarch and became the new patriarch.

"I won't be recognized as Jiyue's accomplice?" Su Ran frowned secretly. .

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