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【student loan online entrance counseling 】 Marquis Qianshan's high-level domain power is not the weakest high-level domain power! 。

The fifth prince looked at the second prince. Without Su Ran, he could win, but with Su Ran, it would be different. It is absolutely impossible to win!

Su Ran summoned the Illusory Immortal Gu again...

But Bei Gonghen was different, he brought all the idle offerings that belonged to him.

Su Ran, the source of this domain, can't use it for the time being, and will use it after becoming a fourth-turn Moon Immortal.

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"This should be the place where Chang Qingzi died." Chao Yun said in a deep voice.
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Four months have passed since the beginning of the shattering of the Central Territory, and three months have passed since the fairy war in the Central Territory.
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Rank two Gu Immortal fighting against rank five?
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Su Ran frowned slightly, he still wanted to continue to help Bei Gonghen fight some princely battles, so as to get the secret method of He Gu.
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Ouyang Qi seemed to be very pleased with Bei Gonghen's courtesy: "I would like to do my best for my son!"
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Huang Xu, who was massacring Gu Masters, looked at Qu Jinghong who was so imposing, his pupils shrank, and his expression changed: "What a boy, he became a fairy instantly, he is a good young man!"
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Su Ran shook her head slightly, only staring at Qishengqin, her fists clenched.
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