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【what is my interest rate on my car loan 】 Her long, silky hair was no more than two centimeters long, and she looked radiant, with a slight smile on her lips, a dignified demeanor that complemented her oval face, protruding pretty nose and bright red lips They complement each other; her eyes are big and dark, clear and crystal clear, and because of the short skirt that fits close to her plump buttocks, she shows her slender and graceful lines and is graceful and moving. 。

Yan Shuya nodded, ran up a few steps, and suddenly jumped over here.

Chu Shaoyan nodded and said: "Understood. I will not participate in tonight's operation. I will go to the City Bureau and investigate the tragedy of Shanghai Flower World together with the Criminal Investigation Team. The assassination of Dugu Linfeng was executed by Wu Tianhao and covered by Yingjie; the assassination of Dugu Jun, let Shearer execute it, and I will let An Linshan cover."

Chu Shaoyan was naturally aware of this situation. He smiled lightly and said in a low voice: "Brother Wang, don't worry about this. I still have some friendship with Minister Guo of the Provincial Organization Department. If the Provincial Organization Department is directly dispatched, it will not go through the Jiangcheng City Committee at all. I believe that the local officials in Jiangcheng have no room for criticism."

In an instant, almost everyone present understood that the person who smashed the field that Mr. Jiang said was not someone else, but this newcomer Chu Shaoyan who came from the mainland! This also made everyone understand the reason why Mr. Jiang worked so hard!

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Luo Qingquan looked at his watch and said decisively: "Since this is the case... Team Chu, why don't we go to Jinling tonight. First, let's visit Secretary Siyuan of the Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection. Secretary Siyuan is highly respected in the Provincial Party Committee. Even Secretary Liu, Li The governor will sell him some face, if he comes forward, things will be easier!"
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"How many years have you been in this business?" Chu Shaoyan asked casually.
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The rock man smiled wryly, but Zidie stretched out her arms to hug his neck, staring at his little face with great joy, although there were a few crystal clear teardrops hanging on his little face for a long time.
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Chu Shaoyan immediately took up his submachine gun and fired at him, and several people around Dugu Ba had blood holes in their heads, and they fell to the ground and died! At this moment, he raised his gun, walked towards the old thief, and said with a sneer, "Duguba, we meet again. Even if you tried everything, you didn't expect to have today, did you?"
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As soon as this remark came out, Wang Hong's face changed drastically, and he waved his hands again and again: "Brother, please, don't see my daughter! She is only fifteen years old, at least for the time being, I haven't thought of finding a troublesome son-in-law like you!"
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Li Hongbing shook his head and said: "No, no, this order is very urgent, we must do it immediately. Thank you Director Hu for your enthusiasm! Hehe, we still have many opportunities to eat in the future! Goodbye!"
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Li Hongbing kept silent, rolled down the car window, lit a cigarette and smoked.
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Emily finally couldn't help laughing: "Dear Shaoyan, I find that your humor always makes me laugh, what is the use of you getting this information?"
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