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【apply for personal loans online bad credit approval 】 "However, we have to be careful. We can't last long in the corrosive mist below, and we are not the same as the human-controlling Gu, so don't be accused of the human-controlling Gu. This time, the ninth-grade controller sent by the Bone Tomb Gu, all of which are based on the body of the moon, can not be afraid of the corrosive fog for a long time. Once the battle starts, the control person Gu will destroy the fog-free area except the main inheritance area. We don't need to enter the fog area, just outside Watch out for those Gu masters who rush out of the fog zone." Ancestor Heikui reminded again. 。

Gong Jiuhuang was also startled: "This Su Ran is not simple, the power of the poison alone is terrifying, and this body doesn't give in too much, is it really a defense developed against Gu insects?"

Moreover, he is now a second turn Moon Immortal.

Su Ran frowned slightly, and glanced at the surrounding environment. Surveillance measures were left here. As soon as he came out of the foggy area, he was spotted by the people above. He didn't know if it was a Gu controller or a Gu master.

It shouldn’t be possible for all of them to be ninth-rank Gu controlers. Now my main defensive attribute is at least seven times of eight-source enhancement, and even the flesh is still full of nine-source enhancements. It is absolutely impossible for nine-rank Gu controlers to kill me in seconds. "

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Lin Youcheng replied lightly: "The news can't be confirmed. According to people from the Qushang Gu Academy, it seems that the Mingguang Gu Academy has an ancient book that records some secret events in the central region. Only the past directors know what is recorded in this ancient book.
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The Qishengqin moved again, and a white light flew out.
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Therefore, Su Ran dared to openly show the bucket wheel.
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The surrounding Gu Masters were puzzled.
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Su Ran clearly remembered that when he was in the secret room of his home in Ten Thousand Gu City, when he was about to get out of the secret room to find the mythical Gu of bone, gallbladder and triple burner, he passed out.
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He already understood why Gong Jiuhuang and Wang Gouyan asked him if he had the Star Transfer Gu.
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There are three ranks of strong enemies outside, if you can get the healing power of the fairy, your life-saving ability will be greatly increased.
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The corrosive mist is basically the water of the strange sea, no wonder the strange moon body can't resist the corrosive mist.
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