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test. where can i get a $2000 loan "Cows are farmed by the rural cooperatives. If you don't like it, you can try it in the rapeseed field first. You can make a profit for a year if you join. Animal husbandry farmers like you can keep small farm tools and a certain number of livestock. Poultry, here are two grains and auxiliary income from rapeseed, you don’t lose at all, and you can also contribute to the cooperative.” ….

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Yan Liang pondered for a while, then asked: "You are so old, what are you going to do in the Central Plains? The river is almost impossible to cross, and your bones may not be able to withstand the anger of the river." .

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He began to give you the "realm" of popular science and cloud for the little fighters. ...

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"Let's talk again?"

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There may be small earthquakes, but they should not be too big. For the Akakata clan, the important impact is to prevent floods from flooding the cultivated land.

However, the sound of the rain was huge, and the sound of the wind began to turn into thunder and earth-shattering ghost cries and whimpers. Shan Dushen felt a heart-wrenching chill erupt from the deepest part of his body and mind!

"But fortunately, although I was injured, I won the boss battle!"

Why did Yanzai pull, the horns of the iron bull shook, this iron bull as big as a hen followed Yanzai, longing for that brass axe, the most common action was to pull its hind legs, if it was changed Others may be fine, but...the witch's robe is longer than others...

Then you will never know, the wheel is like this, and the Xuanyuan car is also like this. After the death of the Yellow Emperor, no one can restore it. I finally learned a little technology from the Xue tribe. According to my understanding, I made a car that is almost equivalent to Xuanyuan. Cars, but compared with Akakata's small carts...

Tie Niu understood.

So, under its leadership, the frogs continued to croak. The silence just now was like the roar of thunder when the monitor rectified the class. Although it was silent for a moment, the students were still laughing and laughing.

[A mere mountain torrent! What do you think labor and capital are...! 】

Who Invented the Well? Some books indicate that it is Boyi, which is a bit doubtful, unless the "Song of Hitting the Land" that Yao heard was sung by a traveler, or Boyi lived over a hundred years. After all, from the early Yao to the late Dayu, this The time span is close to a hundred years or more...but this is unlikely. .

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Yan Zai began to tell vividly: .

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