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【when is the interest free on at rockingham coop 】 "Brother, can we take Yinyin with us!" Shangguan Lingjiao said coquettishly. 。

At the same time, in order to help Huali Group get out of the predicament, Shangguan Zetian and Chu Shaoyan planned a whole week in Huali Group. Through various relationships, the construction company under the Huali Group finally won the bid for the construction rights of three expressways in Jiangdong and the construction rights of two super-large bridges, and at the same time, Huading Group provided tens of billions of capital guarantees.

At the same time, the stubborn but straightforward old father-in-law emerged in the rock man's heart. A few days ago, Huading Group had just acquired Jiangnan Motors due to his hookup in the play, but unexpectedly, the farewell turned out to be a forever farewell!

Song Yingjie was about to say something, but the man said: "Okay, try it."

Ye Huabin's face changed drastically, he pulled the trigger again and again, and clicked with his face, but there was still no bullet! The magazine is ejected, and it is empty.

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"What are you talking about?" Chu Shaoyan glared at her.
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Chu Shaoyan sneered and said, "One to one hundred, that's fair, haha. But how can I believe that you will really fulfill your promise? I have never overestimated your credit."
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Liu Xiaofei's complexion changed, and she immediately said angrily: "Who said this? It must have been fabricated by the media, right? Could it be that everyone is a famous host of Jiangcheng TV, so they must not be friends? Xiuxiu and I have a very good relationship on weekdays. Just a few days ago, we went shopping for clothes in a hypermarket together!"
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Shangguan Zetian smiled and said, "Nuo Xue, didn't you still wear a navel shirt a few days ago? Why are you so shy!"
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Long Juntian smiled: "I have reservations about Deputy Secretary Tong's absconding statement. The Huading Group has a big business and almost all of its assets are in the mainland. Where can Shangguan Zetian escape? It's rare for her to leave hundreds of billions of dollars behind. The assets of the group, is it not possible to abscond abroad alone?"
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Chu Shaoyan stopped forcing her, turned to Luo Mingdong and said, "Uncle, Yun and I already have a child, and I have decided: If Yun's next child is a boy, I will let him be named Luo, the Luo family All the current properties, I will inherit them all!"
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Zhao Zhaoping nodded and said, "To serve the leaders of the Municipal Party Committee, one must have the highest political quality, followed by technology. Besides, who can come to the Municipal Party Committee compound, who has no morals and sense of propriety? People like Lao Jin must be removed from the team! "
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Shangguan Zetian raised his head slightly, then stared at him in the afterglow of the floor lamp, and said in a low voice: "Shaoyan, it's not because of you, Jinlin and Nuo Xue that I can't sleep, but..."
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