how long for upgrade to approve loan
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【what is a pal loan 】 The seventh prince chuckled: "Don't you call yourself Marquis Su?" 。

Someone shouted: "Since this is a doppelganger, kill the other now and try it out!"

Relying on the control of the core area, the ancestral court can cultivate semi-detached people. Today's Xian Dynasty core area is led by two half-detached people trained by the ancestral court to enshrine and guard the nine-rank ancestors. The emperor can't get in.

--come here.

Yue Nuer thought about it for a while, and said a little embarrassedly: "It's not considered a very small lord. The people in the mainland of Jiyang are divided into five ranks, which are slaves of Jiyang, commoners, nobles, lords, and co-lords of Jiyang. Among them, the lords There are small, medium, and large. Thousands of years ago, my mother was considered a relatively powerful existence among medium-sized lords."

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Su Ran smiled and said: "Yanming Flame Gu plus thirty parts of Gu's essence is enough, no matter how big the risk is, I will definitely send His Highness to the Mountain of Immortality, but..."
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"It's not necessarily a breakthrough either."
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"Su Hou? Why are you here again?" Li Haihou was quite surprised by Su Ran's arrival.
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Su Ran's extreme domain power has almost become a plaything in the eyes of the boss.
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She had just retreated, but she heard Jiyang shouting at two or eight turns: "The one who assassinated the Moon Lord wants to escape, all Jiyang, rush to kill!"
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Inside the crescent imprint, there is only one pupa shell left.
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As for the others, it is useless to Su Ran. The four-turn mountain system He Gu secret method he needs is not available in the resources of the Hou Mansion.
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This Devil Heart Sect really left a back door in the devil's mask and robes!
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