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【goodyear interest free financing 】 Speaking of this, her delicate face twisted slightly, obviously suffering from extreme pain in her heart. 。

Being so eager to deal with Nangong Chengyu, it is obvious that they are also aware of the will incident, and have even begun to search for the document that is crucial to them.

"Ah!" Guan Nuoxue screamed, jumped up, and even bounced Liu Xiyao from her body. Luckily, Chu Shaoyan had a quick eye and reached out to catch her. And Miss Guan didn't care about those things at all, she burst into tears, laughed, and begged for mercy with her hands waving: "Lingjiao... Zetian, I, I don't dare anymore! Haha, no, no If you dare, forgive me..."

Liucheng Hotel, the most luxurious and top-grade hotel in Liu County. In order to welcome the head of the Provincial Party Committee, the hotel had previously cleared the venue and invited all the guests to leave. Of course, the price is free of charge. If there is any unfinished food, you can even continue to eat tomorrow, which is also free of charge!

"Are you willing to give up Shangguan Zetian? Impossible!" Luo Mingdong said coldly.

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"Careful and decisive!" Ye Jinlin praised.
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As for the military's quotation of 1.5 billion, Chu Shaoyan also figured out the ins and outs of it. It turned out that another company interested in buying bought off an important member of the logistics department of the Jinling Military Division, and finally set such an outrageous price.
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It is absolutely unimaginable to quietly enter the underground palace of the Dugu family from the ground. The Dugu family will definitely set up physical protection measures such as giant iron gates in the underground passages. Once the enemy finds out by acting rashly, it will be difficult to achieve the intention tonight.
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"Are you willing to give up Shangguan Zetian? Impossible!" Luo Mingdong said coldly.
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Xu Yuanpei's expression changed slightly and he said, "Zhaoping, what do you mean? It's rare that you pursue Bai Feiyan, and the others can't even touch her? Shi Bin was killed by your design, and it's rare that you have to kill my son too." ?”
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Although the conditions are extremely difficult, there are a few bushes of dark flowers planted in the corner of the wall. Looking at the growth and year of the flower, it should be planted by the mother and daughter that year, and it is in full bloom at this time.
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Nangong Chengyu rushed up and hugged Liu Danyan, and hurriedly shouted: "Yes, yes! I... uh, I too... used to blaspheme myself! In foreign countries, it is actually common for girls to blaspheme themselves. Those roommates have treasured some... Anyway, those things!"
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Chu Shaoyan smiled lightly and said: "Old man, I think your dantian has been repaired quite successfully. In addition, you have been practicing diligently for decades. Although the sea of qi cannot store internal energy, the meridians are quite smooth. I believe that within ten years , you will have a chance to reach the high ranks! Prolonging your life is naturally not a problem!"
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