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In the athlete's tunnel, Chen Qi asked Lu Xi: "What's the matter, fell two?" .

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"Didn't the coach say that you are not allowed to look at social networking sites on the eve of the game?" Lucy cut a piece of French toast and put it in his mouth, wrapped in egg wash and fresh milk, fried bread that was crispy on the outside and soft on the inside was the greatest magic weapon to relieve tension on the eve of the game . ...

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But seeing that Deng Chang had frozen into an ice cube face again, he wisely decided not to ask further questions.

But his scores were also displayed on the big screen in front of him: 210.27, 315.47.

"Hey, does Deng Chang really like dogs?" Cui Xiao asked.

Lu Xi and Deng Chang are not so stiff now, and they start to compete for speed with consecutive steps. During this process, there will naturally be some provocative and teasing processes. For example, if Lu Xi is a little ahead, he will turn towards Deng Chang. Raising eyebrows: "Dish."

"Handsome." Sesame Dumpling replied concisely.

Deng Chang paused.

Private advertising means that players bypass the national team, do not have to share with the team, and can earn more money at the same time, not to mention harming the interests of the team. The poor quality control of some advertising products will seriously affect the reputation of the players and even the team.

This was agreed upon by them. Gao Zhuoxiao had to be the same as before in front of Lu Xi, and Bao Zhongjie couldn't let Bao Zhongjie see any difference. Lu Xi raised his eyebrows at Gao Zhuoxiao, and the two of them slid towards each other with a normal face, until they touched each other, Gao Zhuoxiao lowered his voice: "I made an appointment with W1 at ten o'clock in the morning the day after tomorrow, and he said he would give me something."

"Baotouer?" Lu Xi muttered, "Maybe it's acting."

On the one hand, it is for heat preservation, and on the other hand, in case of a fall, there is a layer of fabric to protect it from scratches. .

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Deng Chang still remembered the phrase "weaker than me" he once said. At that time, he thought this kid was very funny and cute, so he didn't think about anything else. Anyway, idle is idle, he sat in the auditorium and watched. .

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