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"No, it may be that I haven't broken through for a long time. I just broke through suddenly, and my body hasn't reacted yet. I thought I was still at the eighth level of Qi training, so I didn't condense the phantom of Daotai—" ... how to get cash with just a credit card number

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Nanming uttered another sentence lightly: "Your son, I borrowed it away." .

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Finally this time, he vaguely pieced together a word from the corners of countless memories. ...

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Suddenly someone's pupils shrank suddenly, and he was hit by an inexplicable horror: "The power of yin and yang in Xianyi Valley is left by this white-clothed boy? Doesn't that mean..."

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"I didn't say to move, I just told him not to move."

Immediately, this person's words attracted many echoes.

A few more days passed, and he finally calmed down completely. While "practicing" the exercises of Yuanshen Pavilion, he repaired the leather case of "Elder Fei Ling".

"What are the elders thinking? Let this group of people come in without saying anything, and let them provoke you here?"

A smile appeared on Wan Yunjing's face: "Everyone, time waits for no one, I will go to the Nine Heavens Boundary Monument first—"

"When the first person breaks through the Chunyang Thunder Pond, it will be the time for me to descend on Tianxian Peak!"

Immortal King Nanming frowned: "Don't you know me?"

After the collision, a huge shock came.

Although the old man is very a cheating apprentice, but these years, he has been really good to him, he has everything he should have, and he will not be missing at all.

"As expected of Elder Fei Ling, I am ashamed to be so far-sighted." .

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The mysterious soul in his ring finally spoke in a shy voice at this moment: "Do you know the meaning of these immortal runes...? And if you accept it, you and that kid surnamed An are the same... What a terrible thing you are doing?" .

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