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"Interesting, the south is different from the past. I even thought this was the Central Plains."

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But at this moment, for this wind-born beast, what it sees in its eyes, what it hears, all the light and sound, all gather at the North Gate Cheng, which has heard the voices of all human beings. Qishi can see everything that the wind beast can see through the extremely distant mountains and rivers.

"Let's go to the back and release Bifang Shangyang!"

As for the excavation project of Xiashan, just as the patriarch Tu Shan thought, on the second day, the light of this world rose from Xiashan.

And in the past few days, after the ideological guidance of the concubine, Ji Wuzhu roughly figured out where the problems in his country are.

Dayi used the prestige accumulated over the decades, plus the title of the real number one master in the Central Plains, a legendary figure who once shot down nine suns. No matter in terms of prestige or force, they are not comparable to them.

It was like a certain Sargeras with his Legion dogs.

"This project may kill a lot of people, but we don't have time. How long can Yangdi Mountain last? We can't make a judgment, maybe thirty, maybe ten, maybe a year or two..."

If there is no such barrier, San Miao can go directly without looking back. The Miao Man Group, known as the champion of long-distance running on land, and the top leader in mountain climbing, thinks that it will not lose to anyone in such things as running.

At least you can’t die like this, this feat has not been obtained, hundreds of thousands of people died, and the Central Plains expropriated a hundred tribes. Although only more than seventy can actually come, and the manpower is a little less than expected, it is still very powerful. Hundreds of thousands of people died here, as well as people from Dongyi and Baiyue. If...

They decided to leave for Xunshan. .

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Give your past name to the newly born child, the past and the future are already indistinguishable from each other! .

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