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The Charm of the Apalta Valley

We listened to the silence. We listened to the vines. We marveled at the spellbinding sunset in the evening, when the shadows gently dance and the trees are hushed to a feels like a different world.Alexandra Marnier Lapostolle, Founder

It is rare for a place to be able to captivate a person so immediately, with so much force. It was 1994. After months of research, Alexandra Marnier Lapostolle and her husband, Cyril de Bournet, discovered the Apalta Valley. A fine, golden light embraced the vineyard whilst hundred-year old-vines stood, intertwining majestically. Harmony had taken residence here. Alexandra Marnier Lapostolle knew that Clos Apalta could bring about the joyful encapsulation of this breathtaking landscape.

Jacques Begarie, Clos Apalta Technical Director since 2004, also describes the subtle beauties of the location, Clos Apalta wakes up and then radiates. An alchemy of lights, of smells – aromas of wild thyme and rosemary – of shrubby vegetation and rows of olive trees. In the distance, the Andes mountain range stands, breathtaking with its constantly snowy caps. In the autumn it is an equally captivating scene, with the vineyard offering an infinite palette of colours; from the yellow merlots to the carmine of the Carménère grapes. The blue of the sky returns and the dust vanishes, washed away by the rains. Over the tip of the mountain, the sun approaches. In the sky, high above us, condors swoop and dive whilst some foxes stand guard. Later on, the star-studded, indigo Milky Way fills the sky over the cellar.